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11792 Highway 187

Eureka Springs, AR 72631

Our Hours

Tuesday 10-2
Wednesday 10-2
Thursday 10-2
Friday 10-2
Saturday 8-5
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Terms and Conditions

Stay & Pay for 3 Nights and your 4th night is FREE!

RATES: The rates are the same year round.
(Single Story Rooms)
$60.00 a night plus tax for 1-2 people using 1 bed…children or adults
$70.00 per night plus tax for 1-4 people using 2 beds…children or adults
Maximum occupancy is 4 people.
2 Night minimum stay.

(Two Story Rooms with twin beds)

$50.00 a night plus tax for 1-2 people using 1 bed…children or adults
$60.00 per night plus tax for 1-4 people using 2 beds…children or adults
Maximum occupancy is 4 people.
No minimum stay.

(Two Story Bunkrooms)

$40.00 a night plus tax for 1-4 people…children or adults
$10.00 per person per night plus tax for 4-8 people…children or adults
Maximum occupancy depends upon the room
No minimum stay.

Need a longer stay? Contact us about extended stay rates.

Make your reservations today by calling 479-253-9799 or Reserving Online.

Upon Reservation and payment, we will email you a confirmation. We are within minutes of downtown Eureka Springs and Motorcycles are welcome!

DEPOSITS/FEES. Payment in full is due when making reservation online. If you need to make other arrangements, then please call us at 479-253-9799.
CANCELLATIONS. We must have at least 48 hours’ notice for cancellations. For reservations cancelled less than 48 hours prior to scheduled arrival, no refund will be made if the room is not rented for the reserved period. If the room is re-rented, all monies will be refunded. The earlier you warn us that you may need to cancel, the better the chances of re-renting. No refunds will be made for early departures, late arrivals, or if the number in your party decreases.
NO SMOKING AND NO PETS. If evidence of a pet or smoking is found inside the room, you will be charged a minimum of $50.00 for additional cleaning. Failure to comply with our “No Smoking” policy or “No Pet” policy may result in eviction and loss of all monies paid. Smoking is allowed on the porches.
TELEPHONES. There are no land-lines on the property. There is free Wi-Fi available in all rooms.
UNIT CAPACITY is restricted to a maximum of 4 people including children or unless otherwise stated.
DISTURBANCES. Any disturbance resulting in neighborhood complaints, police action, illegal activities, damage to the property, or violation of this agreement or of rules and regulations governing the property, will be considered sufficient cause for immediate termination of your stay, and all monies paid will be forfeited. This agreement does not create a tenancy for the property; you can be removed from the property without process of law if you do not depart at the appropriate time.
APPLIANCE OPERABILITY & REPAIR. All appliances are guaranteed to be in good working order upon your arrival, however things do malfunction from time to time. We cannot guarantee air conditioning, appliances, or other equipment, but we do guarantee that repairs will be made as soon as possible. REFUNDS cannot be made due to failure. Owners and Agent reserve the right to make repairs as necessary, and to enter the property with reasonable notice, or without notice if you cannot be reached.
PROPERTY CONDITION / DAMAGE DEPOSITS. You agree to leave the property in good condition. By renting this room, you agree that you will be responsible for any damages or thefts and understand these charges will be charged to your credit card on file or if necessary pursued with police report and via whatever legal means required to recover monies to cover any damage or theft. You also agree to pay any court costs, legal fees and interest not to exceed 8% should legal ramification become necessary. The person who reserves, rents, and pays for the stay is responsible for all damages that he/she or anyone in their party who is staying in the room and causes damage. By renting and staying on this property, you agree to all terms and policies set forth in this document.
LIABILITY. Guests agree to hold Owners and Agent free and clear of any liability for damage to self or property, resulting from accident or injury, or loss of enjoyment, due to power outages, rain, snow, sun, negligence, defective construction, fire, theft, inoperable appliances, etc. Owners will take all possible steps to make sure the room is in proper order.
YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CHOICE. We strongly recommend that you look at all available photographs before booking. We will not be responsible if you are not happy with your choice on arrival. No refunds for early departure.
PERSONAL PROPERTY. The Owners are not responsible for loss, theft or damage to your belongings while at the rented property. You may want to check your homeowner’s policy, and/or arrange for travelers’ or tenants’ insurance to cover your belongings.
CHECK-IN / CHECK-OUT. Check-in time is any time during regular business hours. If you will arrive later, a key will placed in your room door for your convenience. Check-out time is also during regular business hours. Please return your key to the front desk. Lost keys will be charged at $15 per key. If keys are subsequently returned, a refund will be given. Please insure that all air conditioners and lights are turned off prior to checking out.